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State of the game638 Days AgoAgony
A little trade request.668 Days AgoGeneral_Novae
War of Witches834 Days Agomcjane
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My journey1,659 Days AgoBigfella
Top 50 Rankings Distribution1,697 Days Ago {G} Avianize
Energy Restoration Problems1,738 Days Agocomputerflea
Highscore Names1,809 Days Ago {G} Avianize
Action Organization1,810 Days Ago {G} Avianize
Equipment sets!1,813 Days Agokongalimbo
Shop Options1,813 Days Agokongalimbo
Longer Login Times1,813 Days Agokongalimbo
Visualizations1,817 Days Agokongalimbo
Global/Personal Temporary Boosts1,830 Days Ago{MOO} Oodlez
Suggestion Box1,831 Days Ago 420{420} Ryan
Suggestion: Add companion to Agility description1,839 Days AgoNorhede
Dungeons1,853 Days Ago{MOO} Oodlez
Gold Sink tradeskill!1,857 Days AgoRaserei
[Request] Luck Helmet1,861 Days AgoRaserei
More depth to "critical outcome" and alchemy!1,863 Days AgoRaserei
W13's Suggestions and Bugs1,874 Days Agow13
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