2016 Halloween Event   By:   420{420} Ryan     Created: October 24th, 2016 at 06:23am

  Global Announcement

I hope you have a dentist appointment setup soon, because you'll be getting lots of candy this year in ManaPot! The Halloween event has returned and brought along some new rewards for you to collect.

[Skeleton Bone] - Obtained as a random drop while training non-combat skills. The drop rate of bones start off low and increase as the event continues each day.

[Skeleton Costume] - Just like last year, you'll be able to collect Skeleton Bones which you can use to purchase pieces of the Skeleton Costume.

[Halloween Background] - Collect 100 Bones during the event to unlock this unique background image. Only available this year!

[Jack-o'-lantern] - The Jack-o'-lantern has returned again this year, and is showing off it's new stats. The first companion with 3 stat bonuses! You can purchase one of your own from the ManaShop.

[Red Halloween Mask] - This scary mask provides it's wearer with a very special bonus, devour! "Gives the wearer a 5% chance to devour their slain enemy; healing for 1-25% of the enemy's health, and doubling the amount of bones received." Also available from the ManaShop, limited time item (will only be available during this year's event, never to return).

[Halloween Cloak] - A new cloak has arrived as well. This year's Halloween Cloak will increase the experience you gain while fighting Skeletons by 10%. This item is a rare drop obtained from training non-combat skills.

[Bag of Candy] - These bags have been updated greatly, providing you with a rare chance to obtain some loot other than candy. The additional items are very rare (some more than others), so open as many as you can to increase your odds! Bags can now also contain: Jack-o'-lantern, Red Halloween Mask & Zombie Costume pieces. Obtained from training non-combat skills as a rare drop, or purchasable with Skeleton Bones.

[Zombie Costume] - Obtained rarely from the Bags of Candy, this new costume will have you scaring all the fellow adventurers! This is the most "common" rare item from the bag. Collect all 3 pieces to combine them into a single costume.

We also have LOTS of new updates that have been added to the game recently, we encourage you to come check them out while playing our Halloween event! Huge shout-out to Avianize who has been helping me out by updating the game while I work on the new version.

The Halloween event is only active from Oct 24th through Nov 6th.