Melee Combat Now Available!   By:   420{420} Ryan     Created: June 11th, 2015 at 02:28am

  Global Announcement

Are you ready for battle?

That's right, combat is finally here!

You will now notice that the Combat Grounds have opened up, allowing you to take on about a dozen different enemies at the moment (more to come very soon). I would highly suggest bringing along some food, a weapon and some armor if you plan on spilling a lot of blood. Some enemies can be a little more fierce than they appear to be. :P

Thank you all for being so patient with the release of combat, I know you've been looking forward to it the most (I have as well). I'm sure you'll enjoy what you see, so go give it a try! Let me know on the forums about any feedback you might have. Good luck and have fun!

I will update this article later today when I wake up.