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Hey everyone, I'm new here (kind of) and I've been looking at the guild screen, and I see this "7 COM / 7 CRA / 7 GAT". What does it mean and what benefit(s) does it give a guild or a player in the guild? Thanks!
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You get a bonus % experience to a certain non-combat skill when training.  That is the only advantage I have seen so far.
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It's different for each guild, like, can they select it? For example with the data given above if it's my guild I can choose, 7% to Thieving, 7% to Mining and 7% to Fletching. Or it's pre-determined? I'm just curious why it says COM / CRA / GAT after each guild. :)
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the values can be different as different tasks give different xp to each category.
for example,
doing combat gives combat xp but no crafting & gathering xp, while agility gives XP to all 3 categories.
so if you do a lot of gathering, the guilds gathering level will increase, giving everyone in the guild more xp from gathering.
and yes, all gathering skills are included withing the gathering stat, so woodcutting AND mining will get more xp, even if you just mine.

and i don't think anything increases agilities xp gain.
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Oh I get it now, COM is combat, CRA is crafting and GAT is gathering. It's a bit hard ot figure out when it's not posted anywhere. :P Thanks for the info Gholden and Zell, much appreciated. :)
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