Run Your Own Game!

Want to give your fan base an experience they've never had before? Create your very own game where they can all hang-out and have fun together! Not only will it keep them coming around, they can also provide financial support by donating directly to your PayPal account! We also have lots of integrated features for streamers (you can find that information in the next information block).

One major benefit of our game is that it is available on your internet browser (PC and mobile), our Android application and even on Facebook. You can login to any of these platforms at any time with a single account and continue where you left off.

One of our main goals is to help Twitch streamers by giving them a brand new opportunity that isn't available anywhere else on the internet. You've all seen the chat bots, on-screen alerts and other widgets; but you've never seen anything like this!

There is no commitment or regular payments with our system, you are free to stop using it at any time you wish. You can find more information about pricing below.

Are You A Twitch Streamer?

We have kept Twitch streamers in our minds from the ground up, integrating some awesome features into the game to help increase interaction with the stream!

  • Embed your stream & chat so viewers can watch while they play!
  • One-click login integrated through-out our entire site.
  • Twitch Partners can even reward their subscribers with a special in-game item!
  • An invite to our exclusive Twitch team to help gain more exposure!

We know that your viewers will love having something to play together while they watch your stream, what better thing to do on a gaming community? We are the first and only company that will give you such an amazing opportunity like this, one that will completely change your stream forever!

See what you, and your viewers, have been missing out on! Chances are, some of your viewers already play on another ManaPot game server. Ask around and see what they think!

What Is The Game?

To put it as simply as possible: it is a text-based RPG that you play in your browser. By text-based, we mean that there is no graphical world that the player interacts with. The actions that they perform are displayed on the screen in the form of text, but in a modern way. The character's progression is shown through their unique portraits though, allowing them to show off the items they have created!

You can find a few screenshots of the game below, or try it yourself for free by clicking here. We provide a brief tutorial for new players when they first login to the game, which should get them going on their way fairly quick. We know that your audience will love the simplistic, but highly addictive gameplay that we provide!

Your server can be up and running in less than a minute! Our system is 100% automated, no waiting around for an Admin to setup and provide server details.


Training Skills

HighScores List

Player Inventory

Server Pricing

We like to keep things real simple, so here it is:

Your initial cost to get started is only $1.00 USD, mainly just so we can verify your PayPal account (we want to make sure your donations get sent to the correct place).

We also have a 15% developer's fee so that we can continue to produce new content for the game at a steady pace.This fee is automatically taken out of any donations you receive through our system; meaning you don't pay us unless you get paid! All donations are sent directly to your PayPal account; we do not hold onto it or hold it for any reason, ever.

Please keep in mind that we do not require you to take donations through our system, you are free to use whatever service you like. This is meant to be used in conjunction with whatever other systems you have in place. Just like referral links and sponsorships, ManaPot is a way to provide you with an extra bit of income on top of what you already do.

Create Your Server

You must be logged in to a ManaPot account to create a server so that we know who to give Admin abilities to. Creating a account only takes a couple seconds, you can do so by clicking here.