2017 Christmas Event   By:   420{420} Ryan     Created: December 18th, 2017 at 05:00am

  Global Announcement

Happy Holidays everyone! The Christmas event has returned and brought along some new rewards for you to collect.

[Snowball] - Obtained as a random drop while training non-combat skills. The drop rate of snowballs start off low and increase as the event continues each day.

[Red Santa Costume] - Just like previous years, you'll be able to collect snowballs which you can use to purchase pieces of the Red Santa Costume.

[Christmas Background] - Collect 100 snowballs during the event to unlock this unique background image. Only available this year!

[Snowman] - The Snowman has returned again this year! This is the perfect companion for those of you wanting a nice balance of cooldown, energy and luck. You can purchase one of your own from the ManaShop.

[Green Reindeer Hat] - This unique hat will grant the wearer the ability to find [Snow Covered Bag] while training non-combat skills. Also available from the ManaShop, limited time item (will only be available during this year's event, never to return).

[Christmas Cloak] - A new cloak has arrived as well. This year's Christmas Cloak will randomly increase the experience you gain while training non-combat skills! This item is a rare drop obtained from training non-combat skills.

[Christmas Stocking] - Get yourself some tasty treats along with rare rewards! Stockings can now contain: Snowman, Green Reindeer Hat, Green Santa Costume pieces & Blue Santa Costume pieces. Obtained from training non-combat skills as a rare drop, or purchasable with snowballs.

[Blue Santa Costume] - Obtained rarely from the stockings, this new costume will have you standing out from all those other fake Santas. :P This is the most "common" rare item from the stockings. Collect all 3 pieces to combine them into a single costume.

The Christmas event is only active from December 18th through January 1st.