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It's not so much as something intended, it's just how Energy works. It isn't saved to the database, it's saved on server RAM. If it doesn't update within 10 minutes, the RAM space is freed up (thus, you lose Energy). I could make it save it longer / almost forever, but it's wasted resources if people are just AFK for 15/30/60 mins.
Posted 3,048 Days Ago
Shouldn't it naturally be the other way round? Like, if you're AFK, the energy will slowly replenish? Lol.

You can remedy this by storing the energy-loss in RAM. Example: my max-energy is 20. My energy-loss is currently at 0. I go mine a copper ore. My energy-loss gets set to 1. So, you do the calculation: max-energy minus energy-loss = 20-1 = 19. I've got 19 energy left.

This way, when RAM (I'm guessing you're using an APC variable) gets cleared, the player gets max energy. This is more natural: if a character isnt doing anything, the energy should get restored due to rest.

Posted 3,046 Days Ago
That would just encourage people to make bots that will just sit around for X amount of time to get full Energy, and bypass the captcha.

It is stored via APC, yes. Which is why it disappears. I could increase the amount of time it sticks around, but there isn't much reason. It's currently set to 15 minutes. If you are AFK for 15 minutes or more, it shouldn't be a big deal to take 2 seconds and restore Energy.