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Chaos talisman85 Days Ago {RT7} Roger
Mind talisman -- how do I get one146 Days Ago {RT7} Roger
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Suggestion 1,595 Days AgoDaryena
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Online game1,675 Days AgoNazeema28
need goods1,730 Days Agofaizal
What a game :)1,730 Days AgoTheRobbadog
XP required for each level 1,730 Days Ago {G} Palu2
Combat Level formula1,730 Days Ago{RGS} Hondurenho
Suggestion: Add a sound to when energy is empty?1,730 Days AgoYohner
What color is the chest?1,730 Days AgoBackman
New Player, anyway I can help make this community more active?1,748 Days AgoDextend
Combat text doesn't show after clicking Inventory1,856 Days Agob00t
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