Created 1,913 Days Ago
This may seem like a silly suggestion, but hear me out, my idea is far more than a silly idea. I came up with this idea a few days ago, of perhaps having a few new resources to gather and craft, things such as crystal, dye, or different types of basic metal. The use of these materials could potentially be for new equipment, but my main idea is to be able to use them for either making new cosmetic equipment that you can wear over your functional armour, or use them to give a cosmetic upgrade to existing equipment to change the look and being able to customize your character to the fullest extent, while still retaining, or even increasing or decreasing stats, of the original equipment. This may be difficult to implement and completely change the way the game is played, however, I believe that this could not only make the game all the more unique and engaging, but could help to both draw in new players and give older players the initiative and will to return to the game. If a developer would take my suggestion seriously, I will be more than happy to give a lot more detail and help refine my idea! Of course, I am terrible at code, and even at pixel art, but when it comes to working on design, my skill as a writer and keen attention to detail allows me to create amazing concepts and ideas for things such as armour and weapons! Yours truly, Supernova, aka Jonathan.
Posted 1,912 Days Ago
Oh, and another idea that I have that can be added! Higher tiers of magic and ranged equipment! Because while only three tiers exist for magic and ranged, there are more for melee! It would be best to add more!