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I actually have a few ideas on how to make the game better and more enjoyable for newbies, and here they are.

1. Add a sort of player trading system, where you can trade items with other online players. This is quite annoying not having, since I have gotten a friend into the game, and have wanted to give them extra items, but have been unable to since there is no trading system, and I am sure people would appreciate a trading system.

2. Add a sort of system where you can trade gold for raw materials, like a materials shop. These would obviously be more expensive than their normal worth, but it would be worth it to avoid grinding several materials at once for an item needed.

3. My final suggestion is a simple one, but one that is mostly cosmetic for F2P players. Add bracers to cover rms! I am so annoyed by armour not actually covering the arms, so havin bracers to give what looks likea rm protection woulld be very nice!
Posted 2,107 Days Ago
I have come up with another suggestion, one that could involve a whole new skill type! Dye gathering! This would involve foraging for plants that can make dye, and you can use them to create dye that you can dye cloth and leather with! This could give mild bonuses to certain elemental types, but it is your call on how this works! 

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I hope it's okay that I write here.

- My idea that I has would be a log for the items, currencies and exp during training and fighting so you can see later what you got.
- The other idea I have is a dark design for Manapot to spare the eyes.

Posted 2,058 Days Ago
I really like the ideas that @Luxria mentioned. A log for items obtained would be amazing to look back on and see. 

The dark design is desperately needed as well.
Posted 2,052 Days Ago
Yes, that is always true, a log for items is definitely useful, as it would allow those grinding for items to see when and how much of each resource they received! Also... I agree that the dark design is desperately needed, as it would not only spare the eyes from the harsh white glow of the screen, but actually cut down on the amount of power a computer uses running this site by quite a decent amount, by reducing the brightness of the pixels, and therefore reducing the amount of power a screen uses!