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I will make this short and sweet (hopefully). I have noticed that there is a very tedious task of changing your equipment every time you change to do something. My suggestion? Outfits. 

What I think what be a good design for this game would be a way to create "Outfits". How they would work is that you would be able to Name an outfit lets just say "Combat - Melee". When I go to edit the outfit "Combat - Melee" I will be able to choose what I would like to equip when I select this outfit. I think you should be able to create 1 for each skill that requires any changing of equipment. Subscription members would get a unique icon that would allow them to switch outfits without going through any menus. 

I suppose I have another way of solving this with when you are training skills you should be able to click on the item required to do X action and equip it. (Maybe an error or a confirmation when you try equipt through this method)

TL:DR? Outfits, a way to switch equipped items fast for training.

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