Created 2,682 Days Ago
I was thinking if it would be possible to have a competition setup similar to what we do in Christmas or Halloween.  Every month, a specific skill would allow us to find 100 of (something) and that could be turned in for a special background, costume, head piece, etc.  This could be a yearly recurring event, and the prices from previous years could remain available so people could still go back and earn them if they want.  It would be something like this:
January - Fishing - Find (100 special fish) and you get a background, Trade in 150 special Fish for a Fish Costume
February - Jewelcrafting - Find (100 special stones) and you get a background, Trade in 150 special stones for a Necklace Costume
-There are 13 non-combat skills.  If you leave out Agility, you could do 1 every month.  If you leave out October and December, then you only need to use 10 skills.
-You could also make the skill required for that month random.  January this year might be Fishing, next year might be Smithing.

Posted 2,668 Days Ago
Interesting idea. There has been talk about doing more events similar to Christmas and Halloween in terms of finding items and unlocking rewards. Not sure what the plans are for the future, but we definitely would like to have more events.