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Post any game or website suggestions you may have.

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Colors and eye-strain790 Days AgoHappy_Demon
Suggestion: new weapons.821 Days AgoGeneral_Novae
A simple suggestion: New materials/special cosmetic crafting.825 Days AgoGeneral_Novae
Posts for pots826 Days AgoWasted_Relic
Some small ideas.897 Days AgoGeneral_Novae
Put the chat on the main screen of the game897 Days AgoMasterPhart
Possible Achievement (?)1,141 Days Ago{7} Frohstyy
Accuracy1,259 Days Agoghostrider
A new way of Equipping.1,262 Days Agodeathyoshi
Reducing UI Clutter1,272 Days AgoChristofosho
New Skill Suggestion1,296 Days Ago {PC} SmallDarkRaven
Gear Upgrades1,301 Days Ago {SS} Dark
Quick gear change.1,376 Days AgoWasted_Relic
Search feature for Auction House1,376 Days AgoWasted_Relic
Collection of Ideas1,434 Days Ago{HG} mailmeharry2008
Posting recent updates in the news forum1,450 Days Ago {SS} Dark
Expanded Inventory window1,462 Days Ago{SS} InfiniteNex
Forum Ideas1,492 Days AgoSkeppy
Total XP1,492 Days AgoSkeppy
Donate Options1,522 Days AgoDrego
Monthly Recurring Competitions1,542 Days Ago {RSR} Gholden
Inventory item count on hover1,577 Days AgoWrecquiem
Suggestions list1,751 Days Ago {G} Wolfologist
Bank Storage1,850 Days Ago {G} Palu2
Trading Forum Section1,853 Days Ago {G} Avianize
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